Who do you support with your international scholarships?

The program is aimed at students and research fellows from the below universities in Switzerland who wish to pursue their studies at top ranked US or UK universities:

– University of Geneva (UNIGE), University of Lausanne (UNIL), Swiss Federal Institute of Lausanne (EPFL), the Graduate Institute, University of Zurich (UZH), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETH Zurich), University of St. Gallen (UNISG), Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), University of Lucerne (UNLU), University of Neuchâtel (UNINE) and University of Basel (UNIBA).

Students may apply to our scholarships if they have been registered at one of these universities during the last 3 years (last year for the Graduate Institute) and were residents of Switzerland for the last 5 years.


On what type of studies do you focus on?

The foundation supports graduate students and research fellows of the Master and Doctorate (PhD) levels.

The program is not available for Bachelor’s studies abroad, Erasmus students, or Postdoctoral researchers.


Which fields of study are considered?

Students or research fellows from all fields of study may apply and are free to pursue any academic track to reach their academic and professional goals.


What costs are covered?

Our scholarships aim to finance the foreign university’s tuition fees and/or living expenses depending of the chosen type of studies or research.

The amounts granted and the number of selected candidates are not fixed and shall depend of the quality of the applications submitted, the number of final selected candidates, their individual financial situation and the cost of their chosen program.

In addition to potential funding provided by the foundation, candidates should also consider other sources of financial support.


What are your requirements?

Our program is designed for talented individuals with the following qualifications:

  • high academic performance, personal motivation and ambition
  • lacking the necessary financial needs to pursue their studies or researches
  • obtained confirmation of their admission or pre-admission in the foreign US or UK recognised university


How should I apply?

Students should apply directly through the Swiss university where they are registered.

Each student must complete the Application Form and submit it together with all required documents by post to the respective university within the prescribed deadline.

Applications should not be sent directly to the foundation.


How important is my essay?

The essay is important as it allows us to discover your thoughts, your personality and the way you structure and present your ideas. It gives us an original and very personal insight into who you are and where you want to go.

It must be authentic, written by you alone. No parts of the essay should be copied.


How important are my letters of recommendation?

Recommendation letters are very important as they are written by persons who know your work and your personality.

Recommendation letters should come from 2 professors familiar with your academic curriculum and personal skills and who are in a position to assess both aspects. They should be dated, signed and should include the author’s contact details so that he/she may be contacted by the foundation if required.

If your professor/supervisor’s language is not English, he/she may write it in another language and have it translated for you.


How do I estimate my budget?

Universities usually have a section on their websites listing their tuition fees and estimated local living expenses costs. You may use these tables to help you prepare your budget.


How do you select the students?

Students’ pre-selection will be carried out by a Selection Committee of the respective Swiss university where the student is registered.

Members of the Selection Committees may vary from one university to another but will usually include one or more professors of the student’s chosen field of study or research and the director and responsible persons of the Swiss universities Mobility Departments.

Pre-selected students’ interviews by our Council of Foundation shall take place in Geneva on May 4, 2020 and will be conducted in English.

Final decision will be taken by our Council of Foundation and shall be communicated to the selected students by May 20, 2020.


What are the selected students’ commitments?

Selected students and research fellows are requested to use the allocated funds exclusively for the purpose granted to them.

Selected students are requested to provide a report of the use of funds explaining the status of their studies or research, the marks obtained if applicable, supported by his/her professor’s recommendations.

Details about the report’s deadlines and required content will be disclosed to the student or research fellow once he/she has been selected for the scholarship.

We would appreciate receiving from the selected students pictures of themselves and a study report for further display on the Foundation’s website.

It is also the Founders’ wish that the supported students as soon as it is possible during their career engage in charitable and philanthropic activities, thereby giving back to the society.

We are looking forward to keeping contact with them so that they may share their experience with future potential candidates.