Michaela Bakala is a Czech-born philanthropist. She has a strong business background coming from years of experience as an entrepreneur and a manager. Before shifting her energy and focus fully on philanthropy, she took part in running the family’s business operations, which included media house Economia, luxury fashion retailer LBM or business and entertainment complex Forum Karlin.

Michaela supports causes related to education, strengthening of democratic values and promoting the role of women in society. Since 2009, Michaela has served as Chair of the Board of the Bakala Foundation in Prague, which provides scholarships to talented Czech students so that they can attend leading universities abroad. In 2012, she became a member of the Board of Trustees of Vaclav Havel Library. She also participated in the founding of Central European branch of the Aspen Institute, which serves as a non-partisan platform that facilitates interdisciplinary and regional cooperation and supports young Central European leaders in their development.

She is married to Zdeněk Bakala, and they have four children. They’ve been living in Switzerland.