After my high school graduation I had the privilege to start a professional career as a football (soccer) player. After eight years, at the age of 26, I decided to resume my studies and to go to law school in Geneva. I have always been inspired by great men and women of this world and almost all had a law education in common that is why I chose law school.

I immediately realised that I did the right choice. Law studies enables to understand how our society works and most of all it allows you to concretely help people by taking care of their problems. During my Bachelor I heard about the exchange programm between the University of Geneva and Harvard Law School. To be one of the chosen student for this program was first a dream that slowly became an objective. I eventually achieved this objective when the University of Geneva chose me. Beeing able to complete my education abroad was essential to me and I could not imagine a better place than Harvard to do it. With this semester I will complete my Master of Laws and when I come back I will pursue my education to finally become a lawyer.

Thanks to the Foundation’s scholarship I will be able to fully benefit from my exchange without worrying about financial issues. I could never be thankful enough for their generosity and their trust.