With a passion for law, economics and politics, I have recently completed my Bilingual Master degree in Economic Law from the Universities of Basel and Geneva. In addition to Geneva and Basel, I took part in several exchange programs, spending the third year of my Bachelor degree in Zurich and the first semester of my Master degree in Hong Kong. Each of these cities afforded me with the opportunity of studying local ‘specialties’, notably Shipping, Banking and Finance in Hong Kong, WTO Law and International Arbitration in Geneva, as well as White Collar Crime in Basel.

Seeking to further my multilateral approach to law, economics and politics, I wrote my Master’s thesis in the field of International Investment Law, focusing in particular on the newly negotiated Mega-Regional treaty between the EU and Canada (CETA).

Today, thanks to a special agreement between the Universities of Duke and Geneva, I have been admitted to a one-year LL.M program at the prestigious Duke School of Law in North Carolina. At Duke, I plan to focus on commercial law in particular, and familiarize myself with the American legal system and the Common Law tradition. I also look forward to the opportunity of discovering the distinctive American educational environment and supporting the excellent Duke Blue Devils basketball team throughout their games.

I am particularly grateful to the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala for their generous support toward the accomplishment of this endeavour.