I am an aspiring experimental physicist currently pursuing a Masters in Physics at ETH Zurich. I am intrigued by the idea of applying the seemingly counterintuitive laws of Quantum Mechanics to the challenges of todays information society, which is why I became interested in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Theory.

During my studies at ETH, I have gained research experience carrying out projects for the Quantum Photonics Group of Ataç İmamoğlu and the Quantum Device Lab of Andreas Wallraff. I furthermore gained practical knowledge in experimental methods as laboratory assistant in Christian Degen’s Spin Physics and Imaging group. I grew up in Heidelberg, Germany. When I was 16, I spent one year in Briançon in the French alps learning French and appreciating French culture. After graduating high school, I attended University of St. Gallen, where I graduated with degrees in Business and Economics. I was able to apply my business knowledge working as consultant for the real estate advisory division of EY, a job which helped finance my Physics studies.

In my free time, I try to strike a balance between pursuing my hobbies such as running, rowing, and skydiving and serving my universities’ communities. Most notably, I served as treasurer of the Student Union of the University of St. Gallen and as board member of ETH Store in Zurich. I also enjoyed the privilege of teaching fellow students in my role as teaching assistant in Mathematics at ETH Zurich. I am currently performing my Master Thesis research at the group of Mikhail Lukin at Harvard University, where I examine quantum optical properties of silicon vacancy centers in diamond. I am working with a very dedicated and smart group of researchers and I feel proud to be part of their team. I am immensely thankful for the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala for providing me the financial support for this unique experience.