The ideals pursued by law, such as justice, equity or freedom, from a philosophical perspective, and the way law responds to social difficulties in reality have been of interest to me for a long time. I am thus interested in adopting a critical approach to law, in order to understand how it can evolve and adapt itself to new challenges and to changes in society. Especially, I find that studying comparative law and how different countries find answers to similar problems is fascinating.

I started my Bachelor of Law at the University of Geneva in September 2010 and completed my degree in September 2013. I then enrolled in a Master of Laws program, still at the University of Geneva, and completed a Certificate in Transnational Law from the same institution in January 2014. Then I worked as a legal intern for six months in a Geneva Law firm working on an international level.

As I sought to complement my academic studies with experience abroad, I applied and was selected for the students’ exchange program with Harvard Law School; thanks to the Foundation’s support, I will now have the chance to study there for one semester. I will later complete my Master with one last semester in a Swiss German University.

Studying at Harvard Law School will provide me with a unique opportunity to understand law from a different perspective as well as to interact with people from a broad range of cultures and with different views. It is overall an enriching and exciting challenge.