Since I was little, I have always been passionate about books and reading – that perhaps explains my keen interest in the academic world as an adult. Or perhaps this is also a logical consequence of being a daughter of two scientists – my father was a physicist and my mother a micro-biologist. Whatever the reason, here I am – a doctoral student at the University of Geneva drafting her thesis on tax law, a subject which truly fascinates me!

Prior to my experience at the University of Geneva, I had pursued my studies at different European Universities (Vilnius, Maastricht) and also worked in the finance sector for several years specializing in wealth advisory. This latter experience provoked my interest in tax law and motivated me to return to academia for PhD studies. Although it is not always easy to combine research work with my “work” as a mother of two little girls (2 and 4 years old), I try to do my best to balance my time spent with students at the University and my two little students and home – extremely motivated to learn everything about the world.

Thanks to the Bakala Foundation, I have an opportunity to finance my research, accompanied by my family, to some of the most prestigious law schools in the world: Harvard Law School and UCLA, Berkeley Law. It is a truly exciting opportunity and challenge for someone who is passionate about learning!