Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Oxford. In 2016, I graduated from ETH Zurich with a Masters in Physics. Over the course of my studies, I developed a strong interest in the fundamental physics of semiconductor materials and decided to continue to deepen my understanding by doing a PhD. In my present academic research, I am focusing on photonic properties of organic molecular semiconductors, mainly of novel materials for solar cell applications. By using ultrafast spectroscopy techniques in combination with data modelling, I am investigating the fundamental physical properties of different organic materials.

Gaining a better understanding of the photophysics of these materials is crucial for adapting and designing these materials for a broad range of different applications. My project is situated at the interface of physics and chemistry and is carried out in close collaboration with research groups from both fields. Here in Oxford, at one of the leading universities of the world, I get the chance to work in a stimulating and exciting environment with different experts in the field, to learn from them and to contribute to pushing for improved physical understanding. I am truly grateful for the financial support by the Fondation Zdenek and Michaela Bakala, helping me in this endeavour.