Law and its interactions with society fascinated me from an early age. Thus, after a high school degree at the bilingual school in my hometown, I obtained my Bachelor of Law at the University of Geneva in 2011. Feeling the need to pursue my studies abroad I decided to apply at King’s College London where I completed an LL.M in Business Law in 2012.

Born in an international city and as the daughter of two journalists, I am thrilled with the idea of travelling to new international environments and interacting with people from different backgrounds. In addition, I enjoy advocating and am a confident speaker. I received Geneva’s law faculty 2010 rhetorical prize.

Today, with the support of the Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation, I have the unique opportunity of studying at the Harvard Law School, one of the most prestigious and competitive institutions in the world. I will finish my second master’s degree and increase my knowledge of international law.