Imagine a virtual world where we could teleport from place to place and have superpowers, unconstrained by the laws of physics – and we would not be able to perceive the sensory differences to the real world, all without compromising mother nature and humanity – How exciting would that be?

After my research internship at McGill University in the field of virtual reality and human computer interaction, I developed some visions and decided that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to this field – either as a researcher, entrepreneur or both!

Currently in my Master’s program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zurich, I specialized in the field of virtual and mixed reality (VR and MR). On my exchange semester at the National University of Singapore, I had the opportunity to study and work on projects not only related to VR/MR, but also related to artificial intelligence (AI).

Alongside my Master studies, I joined the junior enterprise ETH juniors as a project manager to nourish my entrepreneurial endeavors. ETH juniors builds a bridge between students of ETH Zurich and Swiss industry and is the largest of its kind in Switzerland in terms of revenue. During that time, I acquired and managed projects from SME’s and multinationals and was internally overseeing the enterprise’s finances. The knowledge, experience and network gained during that time will come in handy should I decide to start a business in the future. Furthermore, after a successful semester thesis « Real-time gaze interaction in a MiddleVR/Unity based CAVE, » the Chair of Cognitive Science at ETH Zurich hired me as a research assistant. A major accomplishment is my contribution to « EVE: A framework for Experiments in Virtual Environments, » which will appear in Springer LNAI volume Spatial Cognition X this fall.

Thanks to the support from Foundation Znedek and Michaela Bakala, I will conduct my Master thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At the MIT Media Lab, I will have the opportunity to develop an innovative news/sports production system in which VR will play a key role. Not only am I looking forward to embracing the technical challenges and to pursuing my visions, but I am also looking forward to meeting and learning from the people that are behind one of the most innovative and interdisciplinary labs worldwide!