After graduating from ETH Zürich with Bachelor’s and from EPF Lausanne with Master’s degrees in civil engineering, I was keen to face the practical challenges of the field and decided to start my professional career in the industry. Fascinated by the uniqueness and exploration potential of the underground, I began working in Lausanne as a geotechnical engineer. After nearly two years in the field, I felt that it was time to act upstream the process of infrastructure construction. I thus moved to the area of long-term strategic transport planning in the public sector. At the Swiss Federal government, I contributed to the establishment of long-term infrastructure investment plans that aim at improving the Swiss railway transportation offer for both passengers and freight.

During my experience in the field of transportation, it became clear to me that transportation is at the edge of a revolution. A revolution marked by new technologies and new transportation philosophies that will impact our daily lives. I am eager to help develop new and fascinating ideas within the dynamics of the private sector. For this goal, I am confident that pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will be a key pillar. The MBA program I will attend to at Harvard Business School will not only be key in developing managerial skills, but it will also be a transformative experience through its diverse and challenging environment.

I thank the Fondation Zdenek and Michaela Bakala for its trust and generous support in pursuing my ambitious professional goals. It is with excitement that I embrace this opportunity and look forward to this unique and life changing experience.