Despite Europe’s enormous prosperity, there is one challenge which every country has yet to overcome; the pervasive inequality of our societies. Having completed a Bachelor’s in political science and history from the University of Zurich, I would like to study how states address these inequalities through a master’s in social policy. Thanks to the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala, I have the wonderful opportunity of completing an MSc in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford, for which I am very grateful.

Within the context of European social policy, I am particularly interested in gender equality. The EU’s limited social policy provisions are traditionally economically oriented, aimed at inclusion via employment and protecting market forces within the single market – hardly a comprehensive concept of social inclusion. However, one of the oldest items on the EU’s social agenda is gender equality, a subject of both academic and personal interest to me, and I am interested in how European gender equality provisions play into Europe’s diverse welfare systems.

Next to my studies, I am also interested in civic education and youth engagement and am currently the Chair of the Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament.