Ever since attending a speech of a former Ivy League student at my high school, the idea of studying abroad has not left my mind. However, financial restrictions as well as average grades made it difficult for me to be accepted to a good institution in the US or UK after graduation. Thus, I decided it be best to enroll at University of Zurich for a bachelor’s degree in economics, knowing this would still leave the possibility of applying for a master’s degree abroad in the future.

Four years later I can proudly say that enrolling at University of Zurich was a great success. I developed a deep interest in the field of economics and enjoyed being exposed to the mechanics of the various models. I also started my position at PPCmetrics, a consulting firm for institutional investors, where I got first insights into the field of financial consultancy and where I could use the econometric skills obtained at university. Furthermore, I gained first international experience during my exchange term at the University of Hong Kong. Now I feel very well equipped to tackle a demanding programme like the MSc Economics offered by LSE.

I chose the MSc Economics offered by LSE because I greatly value its emphasis on the core elements of economic theory and econometrics while simultaneously making extensive use of advanced mathematics. The technically rigorous nature of the programme strongly coincides with my strengths and interests. After graduation, I will not only be equipped with the main tools of a professional economist but also well prepared for further studies at a renowned university in the US or at LSE itself. I would like to thank the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala for their generous support. Without their help, my ambition of studying at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world would have never been possible.