Even as a child, I was already convinced that I would become a scientist. Throughout my Bachelor in Materials Science and Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), I progressively focused my interest on the study of semiconductor materials, which led me to choose materials for microelectronics and microtechnology as the major for my Master’s. in Materials Science and Engineering, still at EPFL.

My interest in semiconductor materials intensified during my research projects at the Laboratory for Semiconductor Materials (LMSC) and at the Laboratory of Advanced Semiconductors for Photonics and Electronics (LASPE) and are now focused on micro-nanostructures and applications involving light (LEDs, lasers, solar cells, …). I therefore decided to complete a minor in Physics focused on optoelectronics and quantum photonics, while working as an intern at the LMSC.

The last steps towards my Master’s degree are an internship, which I will perform in an R&D environment, and a Master’s thesis. Thanks to the Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation, I will be able to conduct this Master’s thesis in Prof. Loncar’s Laboratory for Nanoscale Optics at Harvard University. I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.

After this exciting time, I plan to continue with a PhD thesis, and then conduct cutting-edge research on novel semiconductor nanostructures either in the industry or in academics.

I am also passionate about both gastronomy and Japan, and often spend my free time cooking japanese dishes or reading about complex, deep-rooted and fascinating japanese cuisine.