The students of Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala and it’s Czech counterpart, the Prague-based Bakala Foundation, but also many of our alumni and partners met at Trinity College in Oxford for this year’s Bakala roundtable. On Friday, participants had the chance to attend a John Donne lecture with Sir Nick Clegg, a former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, on Brexit. On the following day, the program continued with presentations by scholars who talked about their study projects. They were not faced by an easy proposition: they are all very passionate about their studies, yet they only had a few minutes each to present the subject-matter of interest! But they succeeded and delivered amazing presentations on topics that took the audience through matters of science, war studies, economics, education and democracy. A deeper discussion followed later in the discipline-based sections. As students worked in smaller groups, they benefited from more detailed feedback from others.

Besides professional and education activities, participants also explored Oxford with the local Bakala scholars as their guides and later enjoyed a glass of wine. The evening continued with conversation and networking during a dinner.