The Selection Committee decided to grant scholarships to 15 talented students this year. Get familiar with their life stories and career aspirations!


Tomás Aztiria

Current university: EPFL
Future university: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tomás’s deep interest in climate change makes him committed to apply what he has learned as a Chemical Engineer to solve current issues. As a visiting research student at MIT, Tomás will do his master theses on one of the most challenging chemical reactions, consisting of the partial oxidation of methane to methanol. He aims to contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable society.


Aleksandar Bekcic

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: Stanford University

Aleksandar will focus in his Master theses on addressing the dry eye phenomenon. Stanford has one of the best labs for testing dry eye disease and possible lubricity with Professor Fuller’s group, which has an excellent track record in biological and biomedical applications.


Hélène Li-Ann Bruderer

Current university: Université de Genève
Future university: Harvard University

Hélene will be finalizing her Ph.D. thesis at Harvard Law School. The subject of her thesis the “Re-use of health data for research purposes in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Era” is a timely issue. Harvard hosts two of the world’s leading centers that conduct cutting edge legal research in the field of health data and the concept of privacy. This research will be of great benefit to Helene as she prepares her theses.


Stanislao Salvatore Bruno

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: Stanford University

After completing his BA in Physics at ETH, Salvatore is going to Stanford University for his Master theses in the field of theoretical cosmology. Specifically, he will use tools from differential geometry to investigate the space-time properties in the early Universe. In turn, this will help to understand why the Universe looks the way it does today.


Olivia Courbot

Current university: EPFL
Future university: Harvard University

Olivia will do her master theses in David Mooney’s laboratory in the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. The laboratory combines biomaterials with cell biology to develop effective therapies for cancer treatment. Olivia considers this unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge research in oncology and immunology to be a precious experience.


Alisha Föry

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: UCLA

Alisha is a Visiting Graduate Research Student for her Master thesis in the Psychology Department at the University of California in Los Angeles. Her research will focus on grounding experiments in the context of perceptional illusions to provide a better understanding of how interactions between different brain regions lead to a coherent perception of the world.


Valérie Locher

Current university: Université de Lausanne
Future university: LSE

Valérie is interested in an interdisciplinary approach in sociology and economics. She has chosen to do her Master’s at LSE in Economy, Risk, and Society. This program combines economic and sociological approaches to help understand societal challenges of today and tomorrow.


Nona Michel

Current university: UZH
Future university: University of California, Berkeley

With her personal international background, Nona’s centers her law studies on becoming a lawyer at an internationally oriented law firm or company. Her LL.M program at Berkeley will allow her to handle cross-border cases in business and IP law, as well as deepen her knowledge in the common law system.


Sofia Kyonhi Mettler

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: Harvard University

Sofia is currently studying for two Master’s degrees in Switzerland. One in Medicine and one in Mathematics and Statistics. She wants to combine these two disciplines by pursuing a master’s degree in public health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Through this education, she seeks to become an academic physician contributing to the advancement of medicine through statistical and mathematical tools. Advancements she believes will ultimately better people’s health and wellbeing.


Stephanie Scheidegger

Current university: Université de Genève
Future university: LSE

Stephanie has a great interest in the interaction of international politics and economics. After her BA in international relations at the University of Geneva, the natural choice was to apply to LSE to study International Political Economy. A topic which she finds particularly relevant is why nations develop differently – some succeed in the accumulation of power and prosperity, and others fail.


Ivan Schönenberger

Current university: EPFL
Future university: Oxford University

After obtaining his Master’s in Financial Engineering at EPFL, Ivan wants to combine his knowledge with a Master in Financial Economics at Oxford University. Parallel to his studies he completed various internships that proved to him his deep interest in corporate finance.


Lennart Teuber

Current university: Universität St. Gallen
Future university: Duke University

Lennart will do an MBA exchange semester at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. With this exchange semester, he will have the opportunity to acquire first-hand local experience and point of view on American culture, politics and economics, which will help him further explore the possibilities of having an impact.


Thomas Trigo Trindade

Current university: Université de Genève
Future university: University of Edinburgh

Thomas is very passionate about mathematics and computer science. To study both fields in one Master’s program, he has decided to go to the University of Edinburgh to study Computational Applied Mathematics, where he wants to explore the benefits of applying and combining mathematical and programming skills to solve problems.


Gisèle Truong

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gisèle’s interests are in different research areas combining biology, chemistry and engineering. In her Master theses at MIT, she wants to explore cutting-edge drug delivery systems for infectious diseases using polymer chemistry. At MIT, she will be working in the laboratory of leading experts in the field of chemical engineering.


Justin-Aurel Ulbrich

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: University of Oxford

Justin is passionate about colloid physics and will head to Oxford University for his master theses in colloidal physics, namely synthesis and self-assembly into colloidal liquid crystals. He will do so in the Oxford Colloid Group that offers a wide range of expertise in colloid chemistry and physics.