The 2021 scholarship selection was a mixture of online and in-person interviews at the Maison des Fondation in Geneva. From over 30 applications that the Fondation received through our partner universities, we selected 15 brilliant and motivated students for interviews. Many of the students already had experience volunteering or working with non-profit organizations. A common aspect of this year’s interviews was our applicant’s great interest in the possibility of personally meeting other scholarship holders and alumni within the Foundation’s network.

After lengthy deliberations, the selection committee offered scholarships to 12 of the applicants. 5 of them will head to the US, whereas 7 will start their next academic step in the UK. You can find their profiles under the video below. We wish all of them the utmost success and best of luck with their studies!

Ennia Bosshard

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: University of Exeter

Ennia plans to do her Ph.D. at the Center of Ecology and Conservation at the University of Exeter. She is highly motivated to contribute her skills to conserving biodiversity and creating more resilient ecosystems. By pursuing a Ph.D. in this field she seeks to do meaningful work that contributes to our society.

Inga Brynda

Current university: Université de Lausanne
Future university: London School of Economics

Passionate about finance and subjects that present mathematical complexity, Inga’s natural choice was to apply to the London School of Economics to do a Masters in Finance and Private Equity. The interactive courses given by field practitioners will prepare her for her private equity and venture capital management career.

Laszlo Csonka

Current university: Université de Neuchâtel
Future university: Kings College London

Laszlo’s professional ambition is to work as a lawyer specializing in the resolution of international disputes. With a Master’s in the Laws of International Dispute Resolution at King’s College, he will receive the knowledge and tools necessary to get him closer to his professional goal.

Wassim Dhaouadi

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: Stanford University

Being accepted to Stanford University is a dream come true for Wassim. His admission to the Ph.D. program in Operations, Information, and Technology will give Wassim the opportunity to research the development of new methods for improving emerging technologies using tools from operations research, game theory, econometrics, computer science, and probability and statistics.

Tobias Drilling

Current university: The Graduate Institute Geneva
Future university: Tufts University

Tobias will head to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy to pursue his interests in International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. His volunteer fieldwork with refugees helped Tobias develop his goal to become a future negotiator and builder of peace.

Virginie de Mestral

Current university: EPFL
Future university: Berkeley

Virginie will have the opportunity to accomplish her Master’s theses at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. The project she will research consists of understanding the growth mechanism of crystalline devices for high power conversion efficiency tandem solar cells. Such research could aid the world with its current global energy challenges.

Jessica Minarro

Current university: The Graduate Institute Geneva
Future university: University of California School of Law

Having travelled extensively in the past to volunteer, work, and study, Jessica aims to complete her academic knowledge with the exchange program at UCLA focusing on international and comparative law. Jessica’s main interests are human rights and migration law. Her long term plans are to use her education to work as a legal advisor or humanitarian affairs officer.

Youniss Mussa

Current university: Université de Neuchâtel
Future university: King’s College London

Youniss will head to King’s College in London for a double master’s degree in International Business Law. His various extracurricular activities have forged his passion for tax and business law. Once Youniss is specialized in this field, his goal is to become a lawyer in an international law firm.

Alex Oktay

Current university: Université de Lausanne
Future university: University of Cambridge

During his one-year Master’s in Economic research, Alex will focus on macroeconomics. He strongly believes in the power of public economies as a tool to help people and have a meaningful positive impact on society. This degree will prepare him for a Ph.D. in Economics afterward. He hopes to work later as an economic advisor in a public organization.

Gian Reber

Current university: Universität Basel
Future university: Berkeley

From a young age, Gian was particularly interested in science and specifically in chemistry. During his studies, he developed a particular interest in organic chemistry and especially in total syntheses. Gian also won the silver medal at the Swiss national chemistry Olympiad. Having been accepted into the group of Professor Sarpong at Berkeley will allow Gian to continue his research at a very high level.

Janik Schütter

Current university: ETH Zürich
Future university: University of Cambridge

Janik will pursue his academic cursus by doing a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He is particularly interested in theoretical soft matter physics research and would like to progressively focus his research on applying soft matter physics to living matter. He believes this is the most promising path to elucidate the fundamental physical laws that govern the emergence of life.

Adrian Steulet

Current university: University of Geneva
Future university: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

A student in the fifth year of medicine, Adrian discovered his passion for epidemiology during a one-month internship in Peru. The MSC Epidemiology program he plans to do at the London School of Hygiene, and Tropical Medicine will help him acquire the necessary knowledge in the field. For the required research project, Adrian wants to study the impact of different types of physical activities on the risk of cardiovascular events under the supervision of seasoned epidemiologists.