Our foundation decided to refresh its brand identity, innovate its communication style and introduce a new motto Courage, Freedom, Education. The motto summarises succinctly the vision and mission of the philanthropic activities of Zdenek and Michaela Bakala not only in Switzerland, but across all three continents where they are active. It is also a reference to the roots of Zdenek Bakala’s success: as a young man he found the courage to escape from his native land controlled at that time by communists. In search for freedom, he headed to the US, where he succeeded in getting a top-class education. As an expression of gratitude, he and Michaela have always actively promoted democratic values and principles of a free and open society.

The logo’s colour symbolises energy, optimism and enthusiasm – whether for helping talented young people in reaching their full potential or for defending a world based on firm values. Besides refreshing the logo, we have also launched a brand new website and as you might have already noticed, even the newsletter has a new format. We hope you like it!